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If you're good at writing, web design, coding, or have other special skills then you might want to check out some of these Freelance sites. You have to bid for work, and a lot of the competition is international, so until you are established it's best to bid low.
Before accepting a job read the member's feedback. Make sure they pay on time and the amount agreed upon.

$$$ O Desk
  ~ Keep communication through oDesk, in case anything goes wrong with the deal, there will be a paper trail.
  ~ 30 Qualification test categories with a total of 341 tests ranging from Networking to Web design, Computers to Office work, to boost your profile credibility.

$$$ Elance
  ~ One of the more well known, more established freelance websites.
  ~ 4 membership plans depending on the type of work you want to do. Basic is free, Professional costs $10 a month, Small business $20, Large business $40. It's best to start off with basic and get established in the website community before you decide to start paying for memberships.

$$$ Click Worker
  ~ Jobs ranging from tasks, to full out projects
  ~ Basic assessment tests &  project assessment tests
  ~ Payed by Paypal

 $$$ Click n Work
  ~ Must take a test first to be approved
  ~ Be patient. Once accepted it may take a while to get job prospects, but they will come
  ~ Payed by Paypal

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