Wednesday, April 27, 2011


  ~ My favorite GPT!
  ~ Search & Win Site- use it instead of Google and earn points for searches (search engine is powered by Google)
  ~  Available toolbar download for your browser for speedy searching & point earning
  ~ Search points average from 1-20 pts (rarely you'll get a 50 or 100 pt search) and pop up around every 10 searches
  ~ Can trade in old cell phones & video games/consoles for points
  ~ Swag Codes are available for a short amount of time and yield around 3 points. They can be found anywhere on the site, Facebook, twitter, blog, or newsletter. If you're on Facebook most of the day and become a fan of the swag bucks fan page, you'll more than likely catch all the codes.
  ~ There are many other offers on the site to earn points like filling out surveys, watching videos, completing, offers, shopping, daily polls & games
  ~ There are many trade in options. The most popular are amazon & PayPal gift cards. 
To Signup, Click here
Search & Win

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