Get Paid To sites (GPT) are a great way to earn a couple extra bucks here and there. Some sites can give you money straight to your paypal account, and others you redeem your points for prizes.
*Please DO NOT join a site that requires a membership or registration fee. *

$$$  Cloud Crowd
  ~ A Facebook app that has nothing to do with Facebook. Tasks don't require any work on Facebook
  ~ Be sure to sign up for e-mail notifications of when new offers are available
  ~ Tasks include singing songs, writing brief summaries, searching for email addresses & translating projects
  ~ Paid through PayPal
  ~ Task payout varies from day to day
  ~ If you are not comfortable completing a certain task... SKIP IT! If you do a bad job on it, it could get rejected & you're credibility will go down.

  ~ Similar to swag bucks
  ~ Partners with Amazon
  ~ Earn points by filling out surveys, playing games, participating in free offers, and daily clicks.
  ~ 100 points = $1

$$$ Lockerz
  ~ Fairly new site
  ~ Get paid to log in, watch videos, and participating in daily polls
  ~ Points add up quickly
  ~ Only downside is the prizes go out of stock quickly. So you either have to check the redemption section often or participate in the auctions (use your points to bid on an item)
  ~ It's geared for young adults & teens, but honestly I don't think it really matters. I open up a video and go back to doing other things. After a few minutes, I go back enter the captcha & start another video.

  ~ Similar to swag bucks 
  ~ Earn points by filling out surveys, shopping, read e-mails, completing offers, reading articles & searching the web
  ~ 100 points = $1

$$$  Cash Crate 
  ~ Similar to swag bucks
  ~ Complete offers, fill out surveys, shop, play games & participate in contests 
  ~ Paid by check, minimum payout $20

$$$ Moola

$$$ Peoplestring



IM reportcard



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