Monday, February 21, 2011


Neobux is the most recognized name when it comes to the PTC world, and for good reason too. It's one of the original PTC sites & it's still around. It's extremely easy to use with a minimum of 4 adds a day, sometimes a few extras pop up throughout the day.

~ Referral clicks are directly correlated with your clicks from the previous day. Example today I clicked on 5 adds, that means tomorrow I can only earn up to 10 clicks from each of my referrals.
~ Payment is instant through paypal or alertpay
~ Admin is always on the forums helping out members
~ Amount of adds per day; 5-7 for regular members, 12 for golden, and 15 for Ultimate
~ Amount paid per click is around $0.01 for regular and golden members
~ Low referral rental rates; 3 referrals for $0.93, 10 referrals for $3.10, 20 referrals for $6.20, 30 referrals for $9.30, 50 referrals for $15.50, 70 referrals for $21.70 and 100 referrals for $31.00
~ Low minimum payment of $2, which then goes up by $1 for each payment request until $10 is reached. So after 10 payouts minimum will always be $10

If you're not a member yet and would like to join please use this link join neobux today!

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