Saturday, February 19, 2011


Do you blog, write, and like free stuff? If so then you should be LUUUXing. is a great blogging website based out of Denmark where you get prizes for blogging. You get points for up to 10 posts, 50 comments, and 50 rates in a 24 hour period that refreshes at midnight CET. Posts are worth 7 LUUUX$, but if you add shop links, or link it twitter and Facebook you can earn up to 10 LUUUX$ per post. By getting 1 LUUUX$ per rate and comment it all equals to a minimum of 170 LUUUX$ a day. When people comment on your posts, you also earn 1 LUUUX$. 

Shop items vary from brush sets starting at 5,500 LUUUX$, apple iPads for 48,000, cameras for 10,000, Lois Vuitons for 63,000…. 
Shop orders can be placed with all LUUUX$ including extra for shipping, a combination of LUUUX$ and your credit card, or you can put it all on your card.

There are 9 Communities in LUUUX to blog in; Fashion, Technology, Health & Beauty, Design, Sport & Fitness, Entertainment and Community. The Community Universe is special because you don’t get LUUUX$ for it. This is where members can blog about LUUUX related topics, personal issues, diary entries, tag posts, and anything that does not fit the description of “new & exciting” for the other Universes.

All LUUUX members have their own personal page where they can communicate with their friends, post referral links, and host contests and giveaways.

It is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes a long time to get the big money items in the shop, but if you’re already posting content on your own blog, website, or youtube; why not join this new blogging community. Many youtube gurus, and professional bloggers post their content on LUUUX for more exposure.

I’ve been a member since early October and already have 16,000 LUUUX$. I sometimes take time off from blogging when I run out of topics and stick to just commenting and rating. I don’t have a set goal, but am hoping to get a LV or an apple product.

BTW in late November I decided to become a moderator for LUUUX. We’re a small team, but try to keep the spammers out and the members happy. If you’re a member, or decided to become one; I’m always happy to help with any issues, questions or suggestions you might have.

Happy LUUUXing!

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