Monday, February 21, 2011

Paid to click?

With more and more internet money making scams popping up every day how do you know if your PTC site is legit? Simple- you don't! You can do your research, check out forums, see 100's of payment proofs, invest some money ($5-$100) and two days later a s5 year old PTC site you thought you could trust poofs into thin air.
When joining a PTC site, remember to have patience. Start out slow. Click the adds for a few weeks until you start making some money. If you can't get real referrals use the money you earned to purchase rental referrals. Again have patience. Not every rental will click every day, but they may click more adds over time than someone who clicks just 1 or two everyday. If you want to put your mind at ease, cash out once you reach the minimum (just make sure to have some money left in your account to recycle your rentals). If you really like the site you are using then maybe it's time to upgrade your membership. You'll get a higher referral limit, and better pay per click & pay from referral clicks.

PTC don'ts:
- Don't invest in a new site
- Don't give up after a few weeks because you're not making hundreds of dollars yet
- Don't get overwhelmed, start off small with a few sites & a few referrals until you are more comfortable.
- Don't invest what you can't afford. If you're broke & can't make rent, don't invest $200 into a site. you won't make it back quick enough to pay your bills
- Don't limit yourself. Promote your banner on forums, write reviews, and join traffic exchange sites.
- Don't forget to take advantage of add credits. On most PTC you earn add credits. Use them for the other sites you're a member of. You won't get hundreds of referrals this way, but if you already have the credits you may as well use them.

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